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Tues. December 01, 2020

Parts of this satirical piece where written by AI

Garlic AI is an online satirical publication, written primarily by artificial intelligence. It is a collaborative effort between the publication, the AI, and human writers. This is a completely novel way to generate content, and it is one that has not really attempted until now (outside of Russian Facebook factories.) This publication is written by the advanced natural language model GPT-3, which is trained on hundreds of billions of words, allowing it to generate its own stories. The publication is not without human writers, though. Garlic AI was designed to allow human writers to collaborate with the AI. The headlines are carefully chosen by Garlic AI's writers out of a pool of both human and AI-generated headline ideas. AI then generates articles based on the headlines, before our editors edit them to ensure maximum hilarity.

Why We Made Garlic AI:

Comedy is hard. As in, really hard. And in the very near future, the best comedy may come from collaboration between humans and AI. Garlic AI leverages the strengths of both parties. The best AI can do is write jokes that AI would think are hilarious, and the best humans can do is to make sure only what people find funny too is published.

Although Garlic AI is a new type of journalism, it has a long history. Satire has been around for thousands of years, and even today is one of the most common ways to criticize a political system or a powerful individual. And as far as AI goes, many AI enthusiasts are working on ways to have a computer write a funny story. A collaboration between the two seems like a natural fit.

As far as the future goes, Garlic AI is probably going to look a lot different. The AI is going to get better, and the humans are going to learn how to work with it better. Garlic AI will probably get more human writers, and more of the articles will be written by them.

While Garlic AI is new, we hope that it will give you at least a giggle. If you want to find out more about how Garlic AI works, we encourage you to write to us at miryaboy@gmail.com.


AI is racist. There, we said it. We at Garlic have been using GPT-3 and other language models for years, and we know that it is naturally biased and very easy to manipulate. This is why it is extremely dangerous to publish a journal that isn't meticulously reviewed by editors that are aware of their own heuristics and biases.

But the reason AI is racist is that it is trained on the internet, which gives it a very twisted lens into reality. This twisted lens is what makes it racist, homophobic, sexist, and much too often way too sexual. But it is also what allows it to be so hilarious. AI can take a ridiculous premise and write about it in full seriousness, or take a serious premise and write something absolutely insane! Garlic AI hopes to show that yes, AI can improve our productivity, but it can also let us explore creative avenues that have yet to be discovered.

But we also take our responsibility of safeguarding our content from AI's more appalling tendencies very seriously. This is why we never publish fully AI-generated articles, even if the result is hilarious. The point is to deliver content that a human satirical blogger would receive praise for.

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