Floyd Mayweather Announces Dance-Off With Addison Rae in Billion-Dollar Pay-Per-View Megadeal

Sun. December 13, 2020

Parts of this satirical piece where written by AI

LAS VEGAS—Floyd Mayweather Jr. announced Monday that he will be holding a dance-off with Addison Rae, a popular dancer on Tik Tok and one of the most followed creators on the platform.

"I'm going to show the world that I can dance just as good as Addison Rae," said Mayweather, who will be dancing in a pair of $1,000 Gucci slippers. "And then I'm going to beat her ass."

The pay-per-view event is expected to generate over $1 billion in revenue and will take place at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 1st. The fight will be contested under boxing rules, with each dancer being given three minutes to perform their routine before judges decide which one has performed better. If there is no clear winner after three rounds, the two dancers will engage in a sudden death round where they must simultaneously slap each other's butts until one collapses from exhaustion or loses consciousness.

Mayweather also announced that he would be releasing his own single called "Money Dance" featuring Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled sometime next week. He added that he was considering having an exhibition match against fellow boxer Manny Pacquiao so that they could settle their differences through interpretive dance instead of fisticuffs.

"I'm going to dance circles around Manny," said Mayweather, who has been training for the match by watching YouTube videos of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." "And then I'm going to beat him up."

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