Venture Capitalist Saves Lives With His Tweets

Thurs. December 10, 2020

Parts of this satirical piece where written by AI

Keith Rabois, a venture capitalist with Founders Fund, saves hundreds, if not thousands of lives daily with his tweets on the topics of success, technology, and investing.

"I'm not sure how I do it," said Rabois, who has been tweeting since 2009. "But somehow, my tweets are able to reach people in the direst of situations and give them hope."

Rabois's tweets have been credited with saving lives as far away as China and India. In one instance, an Indian man was about to commit suicide by jumping off a building when he saw Rabois's tweet on the topic of success. The man then realized that his life could be successful if he just tried harder, and climbed down from the ledge. He is now married with two children and runs his own business selling organic produce at farmers markets in San Francisco.

In another case, an Indian woman was being beaten by her husband when she received a retweet from Rabois containing advice on how to invest wisely in technology stocks. The woman used this information to start her own company manufacturing solar panels for rural villages which provide electricity 24 hours a day without polluting or harming wildlife or humans. She is now considered one of India's leading entrepreneurs and has won numerous awards for her work improving living conditions throughout Asia.

"It's really quite amazing what Keith can do with 140 characters," said venture capitalist Marc Andreessen after reading one of Rabois' tweets on investing in social media companies like Facebook and Twitter before they go public. "He's basically saved thousands of lives through his knowledge alone."

Rabois, who is also a former executive at PayPal and LinkedIn, said he doesn't know how his tweets have such an impact on people.

"I just try to be myself," said Rabois. "And if I can help someone out in the process, then that's great."

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